The Easy Houseplant Care Chart is on its way to you, but I have something else that you’re going to love…

The Unbox Nature Light & Water Guide

Let Me Help You Not Kill Your Plants

Light & Water are the two most important things for happy, healthy plants. 

But! Knowing what your plant needs is only half of the equation.

You have to know how to give them what they need. 

The Light & Water Guide will help you determine what type of light you have in your home and how to tell if you’re watering your plants correctly. 

Because once you’ve nailed Light & Water, you can sit back and enjoy your plants without stressing about whether or not you’re going to kill them.

And enjoying the plants is the point! No one wants the guilt and disappointment of being a plant murderer. 

For Happy Plants You Need to Keep Three Things in Mind:


Light is the most complicated part when it comes to houseplants. The Light & Water guide breaks down what all of the light terminology means AND explains how to tell what kind of light your home has.

Once you’ve mastered light, you’ll never wonder again if a plant will thrive in your home.


Light is complicated, but water is far more dangerous when it comes to your plants. Learn the right way to tell if your plants need water the telltale signs of improper watering.

Understanding how & when to water is basically the difference between life and death for your plants. Not to be dramatic or anything. But it’s true.

Plant Problems

Plants are funny. The symptoms of over-watering sometimes look the same as under-watering. It’s like they are trying to challenge you.

The Light & Water Guide will help you understand the different plant problems that can happen and help you determine what has caused them so that you can remedy them.

But Learning & Practicing Are Two Different Things

That’s why I’m including my Houseplant Journal as a bonus!

When I first started my Houseplant collection, I bought a Plant Journal because I thought it would be helpful and fun!

Unfortunately, I quickly found that it didn’t include some things I really wanted, like a page where I could document the type of light in each room.

So I made my own. And I’m sharing it with you as a bonus for grabbing the Light & Water Guide!

It’s helpful, and it makes the houseplant hobby even a little more fun. I love tracking the growth of my plants and documenting things like:

“Well, the dog jumped on the dining room table and knocked over my Chinese Evergreen. We’ll see if it survives!”.  (Yes, that really happened).