Indoor Houseplant Supplies You Need for Your New Plant Adventure

I see now why some of my previous plant adventures have not ended so well. I really wasn’t prepared to care properly for the plants I had brought home.

I didn’t invest in any plant owner books and I wasn’t thinking about where to might be the best places to buy house plants, online or otherwise.

And I definitely didn’t think about what I might need other than just the plant in order to give the plant the best chance to thrive. This time I’m ready.

These are the indoor houseplant supplies you need if you really want to be serious about growing this indoor houseplant garden.

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16 Indoor Houseplant Supplies for Happy Houseplants

Now, 16 is kind of an overwhelming number of things, but don’t worry, you don’t need all of these things immediately and some of them you might already have, so don’t panic.

I’m going to note which of these are a must have at the beginning and which you can hold off on so that you don’t spend a kajillion dollars right away on plant supplies, ok?

Oh, and not included in this list are plants for beginners (here’s a list of best places to buy plants online{{}}) and plant books for new plant owners.{{}} Books aren’t really essential, but I love books and so I wanted some.

#1. Watering Can (Essential)

Indoor Houseplant Supplies: Cute Copper Watering Can

You need to water those new plants and one thing I can tell you is you will enjoy your plants a lot more if you have a dedicated watering can for them. If you use a cup or pitcher or something like that, you’ll get annoyed with the refilling and the spilling.

Use a watering can that’s meant for water plants. This is one of those times where the right tools count, ok?

#2. Misting Spray Bottle

I’m not listing this one as essential because it is debatable if plants really need to be misted and whether or not misting is enough to be even really beneficial to plants.

The idea is that the misting creates humidity, but how much and whether it’s enough is questionable.

But spray bottles are cute and I do see them used by pretty much all the plant people, so if you want to spend time misting your pretty plants, then I say grab one of these guys.

#3. Snips, Scissors or Pruners (Essential)

You’re going to need something to cut dead leaves off of your plants and you’re also going to want something to snip bits of your plants in order to propogate them.

You really should have a dedicated tool for this like these pruners from Amazon because it’s important that they are sharp and clean so that the plant stays healthy. You technically should sterilize your pruners before using them on your plant.

#4. Moisture Meter

If you love technology or if you are a terrible judge of what “moist” means, then a moisture meter might be a good idea for you. I am going to hold off on purchasing one of these, but I do tend to be an overwater-er so if I don’t soon get a better understanding of what the proper moisture level is for my plants, then this might become an essential for me.

But without the moisture meter, there is the old reliable test of sticking your finger one inch into the soil to see if it needs watering or not.

#5. Gloves

I feel like the real, hard core garden people love getting their hands in the dirt, but I do not, therefore I will be needing gloves.

I don’t think I will need these until I’ll need to do repotting, so I don’t think they are essential to start, but gloves like this cute pair from Amazon will be on my list when the repotting time comes.

#6. Potting Mat

I never understood what a potting table was. Until I started watching TikToks and Youtube videos about plants and realized that there’s a lot of dirt flying around when you are repotting things.

So a potting mat like this one or some type of counter covering is going to be important during repotting. Unless you don’t care about the dirt going all over the counnter.

Or if you actually have a potting table, then, well, good for you fancy plant lady.

#7. Humidifier

This is definitely not a beginner essential, but if you start to get some really finicky plants as your collection grows, you might need to invest in a humidifier. Because usually the finicky ones are going to like humidity and most homes just don’t provide enought of it.

So this is a down the road, POSSIBLE need, depending on what types of plants you have and whether or not you really need.

Your Pothos will be just fine without one, ok?

#8. Bottom Watering Contraption

Sometimes plants need to sit in water. For big plants that might be the sink or the tub and for little plants it could be a big bowl like these:

Or you might just want a big plastic tote. So this one might not be a purchase if you’ve got something you can repurpose.

#9. Pots (Essential)

If you have plants, you need pots. Sometimes you’ll get a plant that just has the plastic grow container and sometimes you’ll get a plant that does have a pot, but at some point, as the plant grows, that will need to be repotted.

So there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead about getting pots on hand. Look for ones that have a drainage hole and bonus if it comes with a saucer to catch excess water.

There are so many fun pots to choose from, too. You can really add a lot of personality with pots.

#10. Potting Mix (aka soil, aka dirt) (Essential, but maybe not immediately)

You shouldn’t need potting mix right away when you start your houseplant family, but you will at some point when you have to repot or if there is some type of a plant accident and you have to add more dirt to a pot.

For succulents you’ll want a succulent potting soil because it will give better drainage so that the plant does stay too moist. Otherwise, check what the exact plant likes, but most easy houseplants just need a good potting mix.

#11. Fertilizer

Plants need food! There are tons of options for fertilizer: liquid, spikes, sprinkled, vegan…

It will be up to you and your plants to choose what is best, but it is a good idea to fertilize your plants if you want a really lush indoor houseplant garden

#12. Plant stand (Essential)

One of the things to think about with plants is where you are going to keep them. You can’t think that you will just put the plant on a counter because you have to consider the light in the room.

That means you may need some plant stands so that you can keep your plants in a spot that has the right light for it. Bonus points if you get one with wheels so that you can move the plants easily if you need to.

Even your giant floor plants probably want some type of a stand and especially with wheels if it’s heavy. If you’re big plant is happiest in a spot that isn’t very convenient when you have company, then it will be nice to be able to move it out of the way.

#13. Neem Oil (Essential)

Plants get pests. I didn’t really consider this plant problem before I started watching videos about how to take care of pests and that’s probably a good thing because I probably would have had second thoughts about bringing home a plant family.

I hate bugs.

But, Neem oil is supposed to be good for helping with pest problems among other things, so it’s a good thing to have on hand.

#14. Plant ties

Plant ties can help keep your plants growing in the direction or climbing in the direction you want them to. You can also use them when you have a plant that is a little broken.

You can use string or whatever you might have around the house, but this velcro tape is really gentle and easy to deal with.

15. Cuttings vases (Essetial)

I say a cutting vase collection is essential from the get-go because if you love plants, why not grow more of them?

It’s really not complicated and it’s not harmful to the plant. So you’ll need a place to let those cuttings try to take root and that’s what we use a cuttings vase for. They look very cool on the wall, too.

#16. Hand Trowel

If you’re going to have some big plants, you’ll probably want a hand trowel when the time comes to do some repotting.

You might already have one of these around or you might feel like you can just improvise, but this is another time when I feel like it’s a good idea to use the right tool for the job and just invest in a houseplant sized trowel.

One Thing to Remember About Indoor Houseplant Supplies

I know that was a lot of things to look, but I don’t forget, you don’t need ALL of this stuff at once.

Some of it you might even already have at home. So don’t rush off buying all of it. Start with maybe the watering can and some pots and then pick up other stuff as you go, ok?