How to Keep a ZZ Plant Alive

Are you a little bit quirky?

Do you like to go left when everyone else goes right?

Then ZZ Plant might be a great place to start your plant collection.

It is completely unique. And it’s great if you don’t have a ton of space because it’s a vertical grower.

Let’s Learn About ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant looks like it sounds.

The leaves are shaped like the letter Z. Pretty much. At least in my opinion.

But that’s not where the name comes from. It’s called ZZ because it’s Latin name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

But I stand behind the leaves looking like Z’s.

ZZ Plant is native to the dry grasslands and forests of Africa. That should give you some clues to what type of environment they will like in your home!

How to Keep a ZZ Plant Alive

Ok, here are the essentials: water, light, soil and fertilizer so that you can make it just right for your ZZ Plant.


ZZ Plant can handle drought. It’s native to a dry area, so you are definitely better off waiting a little longer if you aren’t sure that ZZ is ready for another watering.

You want to water when the top two inches of soil are dry. Give it a good soaking and make sure it drains well.

You definitely want a pot with some drainage so that you are sure the roots aren’t ever sitting in water.


ZZ can do low light, but like any plant, it’s going to do better if you can give it bright, indirect light.

It’s not used to direct sunlight, so if it’s right near a window, you can put a sheer curtain in front of it to avoid sunburn.


Because a ZZ Plant does come from a dry region, you can use a Cactus & Succulent mix to make sure that the soil drains really well.


If you like to fertilize your plants, you can fertilize your ZZ once a month during its growing season (Spring/Summer) with a general purpose fertilizer.

Things to Watch for with ZZ Plant

#1. Leaves are yellowing

This is probably a sign of over-watering. You’ll want to cut back and let things dry out a bit before you start watering again.

#2. Leaves are dropping

This time you are probably under-watering. Keep a closer eye on the plant and remember to water when the top two inches of soil are dry.

Now You Can Care for a ZZ Plant!

So go out and get yourself one!

It’s a really fun plant to add to your collection.