How to Keep a Polka Dot Plant Alive

Polka Dot plant reminds me of John Candy because he was in Home Alone and he was in a polka band.

And that reminds me of the cheerleader skit on SNL (I don’t know why, there’s no real connection there). And that’s kind of what I think about the Polka Dot Plant.

It’s peppy and cheerful just like a cheerleader in a polka band.

I love the spatter of pink and the soft fluff of foliage.

It’s just an adorable plant overall.

So let’s not kill it.

How to Keep a Polka Dot Plant Alive

Ok, here are the essentials: water, light, soil and fertilizer so that you can make it just right for your Polka Dot Plant.


Polk Dot plant does like some moisture. You can water when a .5 to 1″ of soil is dry.

And, try a pebble tray for added humidity. Just a plate with some pebbles filled with water near the plant to increase the humidity in the area.

It’s a better alternative to misting.


Polka Dot plant will like bright, indirect light. If it’s close to the window, you might want to put a sheer curtain in the window to protect it from sunburn.

And if you notice the Polka Dot plant is losing some of it’s cute pink dots, it might need a little more light. Try moving it closer to the window.


An all purpose potting mix is fine for Polka Dot plant. You’ll want to be sure it drains well and, as always, use a pot with a drainage hole to make sure the roots aren’t ever sitting in water.

Polka Dot does ok with moist soil, but you never want to drown the roots.


You can fertilize your Polka Dot plant once a month in the growing season (Spring/Summer).