How to Keep a Parlor Palm Alive

Don’t you want a Parlor Palm?

It sounds so sophisticated. Where I’m from we would pronounce it “Pahlah Palm”.

It’s a tropical looking plant that will fill an empty corner of a room very nicely for you.

You’ll need space for it, it’s a floor plant.

Parlor Palm is native to the rainforests of Mexico and Central America so keep that in mind when you think about the environment you can offer it in your home.

How to Keep a Parlor Palm Alive

Ok, here are the essentials: water, light, soil and fertilizer so that you can make it just right for your Parlor Palm plant.


Parlor Palm we now know is native to the rainforest. So that tells us that it is going to like to have some moist soil.

You can water your Parlor Palm when the top inch of soil is dry. Give it a good soaking and make sure you remember to empty the saucer of excess water.

If your Parlor Palm is too big to lift you can do this with a turkey baster.


Parlor Palm is pretty adaptable. It will do best in Bright, Indirect light, but it can also tolerate Low Light.

It won’t thrive in Low Light, but if you’re looking to fill a darker corner, it will work there.

Avoid direct sunlight for long periods or you could see some signs of sunburn.


You can do either an all purpose potting soil, or, if you’re concerned about overwatering this big plant, go with a Cactus & Succulent mix that will give a little more drainage.


You can fertilize your Parlor Palm just once in the Spring at the beginning of its growing cycle.

Problems to Watch for With Parlor Palm

Here are some additional problems (and tips) to keep an eye on with your Parlor Palm.

#1. It likes a shower.

Every now and then, you can give your Parlor Palm a shower. It’s good for keeping pests away and to help with dust.

If you can’t do a full shower, you can do mistings every now and then.

#2. Yellowing leaves

Yellowing leaves can be sign of too much sun for your Parlor Palm. If you notice this, try moving it further from the window or adding a sheer curtain to block some of the direct sun.

#3. Brown tips

This can mean too little moisture. Misting the plant will help and making sure you are keeping a consistent watering schedule will, too.