How to Keep A Jade Plant Alive

One thing that is very attractive to me in a plant is how if it is multi-purpose.

I love my Aloe Vera plant because it makes Aloe!

Jade Plant is also multi-purpose. It’s a beautiful houseplant for you AND it’s also a very easy plant to propagate and give to friends!

I love the idea of gifting plants that were propagated from your own plant. It’s like sending a little bit of your own home to someone else’s.

It’s also known to be lucky and you might hear it called the Money Tree. All good reasons to have a Jade plant!

Let’s Learn About the Jade Plant

There is lots to love about the Jade Plant. It is a succulent and it grows as an adorable tiny tree.

It’s got stunning deep green (Jade) leaves and to me, this plant is full of personality.

It takes up space in a very structured way. I think it’s perfect for your desk in your office.

Jade plants are native to South Africa and they are used to growing on hot, rocky hillsides.

That should give you some good clues about what type of environment and care your Jade plant will like in your home.

How to Keep a Jade Plant Alive

Ok, here are the essentials: water, light, soil and fertilizer so that you can make it just right for your new Jade Plant.


We already know a couple of things about the Jade plant. It’s a succulent and it grows in a very hot, dry area.

So it is probably no surprise that the Jade plant is going to want to dry out a little bit between waterings.

You can water it when the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry. It will be storing some water in those plump green leaves.

You don’t have to worry about humidity. It will do just fine with normal household humidity levels.


Jade plant is one of those plants that will be happiest in bright, direct sunlight.

That means it will be just fine right in the window with a view of the sun. You might even see that some of the leaves get a red tinge to them if they are getting a lot of sun.

If you notice that the plant is starting to get “leggy” (sort of stretching toward the window), then you should find a spot with more light for it.


As a succulent that is used to growing in rocky soil, your Jade plant is going to definitely want some really well draining soil.

Cactus & Succulent potting mix should do just fine.

I would definitely be sure you’ve got some drainage in the pot that you are keeping your Jade in and make sure to empty out excess water from the saucer if you’re using one.

You might want to consider a clay pot that will help with moisture, too.


You can fertilize your Jade plant with a balanced formula (10-10-10) during the growing season, usually during spring and summer.

You don’t have to do it often, twice during the growing season will do just fine.

Things to Watch Out for With Your Jade Plant

As long as you’re getting them enough light, Jade plants are pretty simple to take care of, but there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

#1. Too much water.

Too much water is the surest way to kill most plants and that’s definitely true for a succulent like the Jade plant.

If you notice funky changes in the leaves or they start to drop it’s most likely going to be because you have overwatered.

Let the plant dry out a good bit before you start watering again.

This is definitely a “when in doubt, leave it out” type of plant when it comes to watering.

#2. Jade plant can be prone to mold.

Just gross. If someone had told me ahead of time that mold and bugs were potential issues for plants, I might not be a plant person.

But, here I am, so if you notice some black moldy looking stuff on your Jade plant, it’s probably mold.

You can wash it off gently.

You might notice some moldy looking stuff in the soil. That’s also probably mold.

The cause is probably too much humidity, so if you can move it somewhere that might be a drier environment, you should do that.

Now Live Happily Ever After with Your Jade Plant

You know how to keep a Jade Plant alive, so you can feel confident that you’ll be able to give it a just right environment!

Just watch the watering! Remember, when in doubt, leave it out.