How to Keep a Golden Pothos Alive

The Golden Pothos is one of my absolute favorite plants. I even just like saying the name.


It’s fun. If you want a fairly easy to care for plant that will delight you as it grows, then any Pothos is probably good for you, but especially the pretty, variegated Golden Pothos.

Let’s Learn About the Golden Pothos Plant

Golden Pothos is one of just lots of different varieties of Pothos, but I love this one for it’s pretty variegated leaves.

It also has the free-form viney growth that makes Pothos such a fun plant to have as you watch how it slowly meanders and grows.

It’s native to the wet and tropical Solomon Islands where it grows as ground cover or it might just vine it’s way up some tree trunks.

This environment that it grows in naturally should give you some clues about what the Golden Pothos will like when you bring it into your home.

How to Keep a Golden Pothos Alive

Ok, here are the essentials: water, light, soil and fertilizer so that you can make it just right for your new Hoya Heart.


Pothos are known to be pretty easy, but they do like to have their watering pretty balanced.

You don’t want them to dry out completely and you also don’t want them to be soggy.

Your best bet is to water them when the top inch of soil is dry.

You’ll know when you’ve overdone it if you see the leaves start to turn yellow.


Here’s where Golden Pothos gets its reputation for being “easy”.

It can pretty much handle whatever kind of light you throw at it. Bright Indirect, Medium Indirect or Low Light will not harm your Golden Pothos.

As with most plants, Direct sunlight can be a problem, so a sheer curtain will help if you really want to keep it in a window with direct sun.

You will find that you have more variegation if it is getting anything more than low light.


Regular old all purpose potting mix is fine for Golden Pothos. Make sure it drains fairly well and it’s always a good thing to make sure you are potting your Pothos in a pot with a drainage hole.

That was a lot of “pot” for one sentence.


You can skip the fertilizer with Pothos altogether, or you can do once every six months with a balanced fertilizer for indoor plants.

Super easy.

Things to Watch Out for With Your Golden Pothos Plant

Even the easy Pothos can run into trouble. Here are some things to watch out for.

#1. Yellowing leaves.

You already know this probably means you are overwatering. Cut back on the water and cut back any damaged leaves.

Make sure you use clean scissors or clippers that are only used on plants.

#2. Watch for mealy bugs.

Gross. I know. But it is a part of plant life.

If you see that cotton-y looking stuff or black mold, it’s probably mealy bugs.

If things haven’t gotten too out of control, you can treat the spots that are infested with a q tip dipped in alcohol. Follow that up with some Neem oil mixed with water and you should be ok.

Now You Know How to Keep a Golden Pothos Alive

You should feel totally confident about going out and getting your very first Golden Pothos.

It’s one of those plants that has lots of personality that you can enjoy for a long time!