There’s no such thing as a green thumb. Unless you’re the Incredible Hulk in which case that kind of green thumb doesn’t have anything to do with plants.

What I’m trying to tell you is that no matter what your sordid history might be with houseplants in your past, you can turn things around and still have that beautiful, lush indoor garden that you’re dreaming of.

My Sordid Houseplant History

I used to be a plant killer.

I killed a snake plant (it’s supposed to be one of the easiest plants to keep alive).

I’ve killed cacti (yes, multiple).

I once had a Pothos that fell behind the mini-fridge in my dorm room and stayed there all semester.

My mother found it when my parents came to pick me up for Christmas break and she nursed it back to health.

She did not let me bring the plant back to school in January, however.

I’d been banned from plants.

What I Learned From My Houseplant Past

The thing that I’ve learned about plants is that none of them are “easy” to take care of if you think that “easy” means you can ignore them for months and, yet, all of them are “easy” to take care of if you just make sure you know what they need and do those things.

That means, reformed plant killers like you and me, we can be trusted with plants. We just have to start with the right thinking.

What you should be thinking about as you are planning on starting a houseplant hobby is that you are going to be bringing a living thing into your home.

It’s something for you to take care of.

Before you start thinking, “Ugh, I have enough to take care of”, hear me out.

The houseplant is going to take care of you, too.

Houseplants As Household Members

Houseplants are more than just pretty foliage in the corner of your room. They aren’t just decorative. (They are beautiful though and add wonderful texture to your home).

Houseplants can purify your air. They eat carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen back into our environment. That’s very useful, isn’t it?

Taking care of houseplants can help you improve your mood. It feels good to care for something and watch it thrive.

And some plants have an even more obvious output.

Aloe vera plants make Aloe which is a star at helping burns and other skin ailments.

You could grow herbs on your windowsill and use them for cooking.

Plants like the Pilea are meant to be shared as gifts! That’s one of my favorite things about houseplants.

If you just take some time to learn how, you can grow new plants from the plants you already have. They make amazing handmade gifts for friends and family.

So you see, you get a lot in return for caring for these new friends you are inviting into your home. Taking care of them will make you feel good.

They will make your home, homier, your air cleaner and your life happier in general.

How to Prepare for Bringing Home Your Houseplant

You see your plants will earn their keep in your home. In fact, when you think about it, they are making oxygen for you. That seems a lot harder than doling out a little water one or two times a week, doesn’t it?

So you want to be ready to welcome these generous friends into your home in the best way possible so that they stand the best chance at thriving in their new environment.

It seems like you can just grab a plant from the grocery stores florist department and bring it home, though, right? Do we really need to “prepare for the plant”?

Well, not really. You can absolutely grab a plant, bring it home and wing it. See how it does.

But if you’re like me and you get excited about starting something new and you just want to grow the happiest plants that ever were, then you are also probably excited about getting ready for the houseplants!

I bought houseplant books. I figured out what kind of light I have in my house. I read about all the different ways to water your plants. And fertilize them. And repot them.

Oh and the pots! There are so many different houseplant pots.

See how exciting it all is!

If you like this part, then you’re going to want to get ready to start bringing houseplants into your home.

You’re going to want to learn all about them and you might want to grab a couple of books for the coffee table so that you can flip through the pages while you sip your morning coffee and daydream about what your next plant will be or try to figure out why your Peace lily is droopy.

My two favorite new plant owner books are How to Houseplant and The New Plant Parent.

You’re going to want to know the best place to keep your plants. Where’s the right light? What way do your windows face?

And what about watering? Do you need a schedule? How do you know when your houseplant needs water? Or what if you gave your plant too much water?

These are all things that you can learn about before you actually pick the perfect houseplant for you and your home so that you are so ready to take awesome care of them when they do get home.

And lucky for you, we’ve got answers to all those questions.

What to Do Before You Bring the Plants Home

Help For Finding the Right Houseplants for You!

The best advice I would give any new houseplant parent is to never, ever listen to anyone that says a plant is “easy to care for”. Or that you “can’t kill that houseplant”.

Because if you know nothing about the plant that you have, then it may not be so easy to care for it.

And there is no houseplant I’ve ever seen or read about that actually can’t be killed. It’s a living thing. If it doesn’t get the care it needs, it can absolutely die.

Even a Pothos. Although, I still haven’t technically ever killed a Pothos myself. It would probably need some extreme lack of care to really not make it.

Instead, you should choose your houseplant not by how “easy” it is, but by how suited it is to your home and to the level of care you are willing to give it.

Here’s some help for finding the right houseplant for you and your home: