Easy to Care for Large Houseplants

It’s hard to make a bigger impact in a room than by adding a really large houseplant.

I’m talking about full on inside the house trees. I mean pretty much. Ok, miniature trees compared to the oak tree outside of your house, but big plants.

These are my 7 favorite easy to care for large houseplants.

7 Easy to Care for Large Houseplants

For me easy to care for large houseplants are going to be plants that aren’t too fussy about either light or watering.

Those are the two big care tasks for houseplants that can trip up beginners or reformed plant killers. If you can get a plant that can be a little forgiving on watering and light, then you stand a really good chance at keeping it alive.

#1. Parlor Palm

A pretty palm plant is great for filling an empty corner of a room. It will grow tall and also fan out so it can take up a lot of dead space.

A parlor palm can do well in low light but they do prefer bright filtered light if you have it.

Check the soil before watering. The Parlor Palm won’t like overly moist soil and it will let you know if it’s leaves turn brown.

#2. Rubber Plant

I think the color of the Rubber Tree leaves are one of the most stunning greens I’ve seen.

There’s almost a purple-ish green to them?

The Rubber Tree can grow up to 6-8 feet indoors, and you can keep them growing pretty straight if you really only have room for vertically large houseplant.

Your Rubber Tree can go from medium to bright light and they like soil that is moist, especially in Spring/Summer when they are growing.

#3. Madagascar Dragon Tree

Dragon Tree is cool looking plant for a boring corner of your room.

It’s like a living piece of art in your home. That grows and that moves with the wind when you leave the window open.

That’s true of every plant, but especially with the Dragon Tree.

Dragon likes to have its soil dry out in between waterings and while they prefer bright indirect light, they can adjust to lower light, too.

#4 Monstera

Monstera is like the new, laid back cousin of the Fiddle Leaf Fig. It grows tall and wide if you let it and those giant leaves are just so impressive.

The green on those leaves is pretty great, too. This is a very Instagrammable plant if you’re into that.

Monstera will like to dry out between waterings, so perfect for those of you that forget to water and they will be happy in bright indirect light like that which you might get from a South or West facing window.

#5 Schefflera

Schefflera has a pretty yellow variation in it’s leaves that bring a little something different.

This one likes to grow tall and you can make sure it doesn’t take up too much horizontal space by training it up a stake if you need to.

Schefflera does like to be kept moist, so if you’re a forgetful waterer, consider a plant waterer to keep things moist. Indirect bright light for Schefflera, please.

#6 Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise plant is a stunner. It’s so fantastically tropical and tall and sculptural.

At the same time, there’s something delicate about this plant, too. If I had taller ceilings in my home, I’d go with this plant.

Bird of Paradise will want to dry out between waterings but it does want some bright light, so make sure you can accommodate that in your home.

#7 Yucca Plant

If you really don’t have a lot of width to offer to a large houseplant, then the Yucca Plant might be perfect for your home.

It will grow in height and all the fun leaves are going to be up at the top!

Yucca wants full bright light and you can let it dry out between waterings.