Plants Thrive When You Give Them What They Like. Let Me Show You What They Like.

Happy Houseplants = Happy Houseplant Lovers

Give Me The Chart! Please.

You didn’t get into houseplants to stress about whether or not your plants are going to live. 

You got into houseplants because seeing a happy, thriving plant makes you smile!

Get access to my Easy Houseplant Care Chart that gives you all the most important details on 30 of the best houseplants for a beginner houseplant lover. 

Meet Marybeth

Hi Plant Friend! I’m Marybeth.

I started collecting houseplants as a hobby and got totally overwhelmed by all of the information that is available on houseplants!

Eventually, I figured out what was most important for me to know and I put together this care chart to remind me what type of care the plants I have need AND to daydream about what the next plant will be for me!

Seeing my happy, thriving plants makes me smile. Wondering how to take care of them doesn’t!

Okay, I’m Ready!

The Easy Houseplant Care Chart is Your Reference Guide to 30 Easy Care Plants So You Can:

  • Discover what kind of light your plants need.
  • Know how often to water your plants.
  • Pick your next plant.
  • And more plant care bits!
I Need the Chart For My Plants!