Cute Houseplant Pots Might Make Your Plants Happier (or might not)

There are a million reasons to have houseplants in your home. But one of my favorite reasons for houseplants in my home is cute houseplant pots!

The plant is great and can totally stand on its own, but you get to express a little bit of your personality with some seriously cute houseplant pots.

There are other houseplant accessories that can liven up your plants, too, but the pots really are a lot of fun to play with.

13 Cute Houseplant Pots to Liven Up Your Plant Collection

Now, don’t forget, there are some things to look for houseplant pots, mainly you want to be sure you get one with a drainage hole.

And if you don’t get one with a drainage hole, then go cache pot route and just stick the plant in its plastic grow pot inside the pot with no drainage hole.

No drainage holes mean wet soil at the roots and that’s almost always a bad thing.

#1. Small Geometric Pots

These pretty geometric pots are great because they are black & white which means they are pretty much going to go with anything and anywhere.

They do indeed have drainage holes and they come with saucers, which is another great thing to look for in your cute houseplant pots.

You can find the Geometric Succulent Pots on Amazon.

#2. Head Pot

cute houseplant pots

This is very likely going to win for my most favorite cute houseplant pot because it is really making me smile.

And, you know, it’s very relaxing to look at. She definitely looks like she’s meditating and while I find meditating difficult she clearly is finding it easy which is giving me like a meditation contact high.

You can find the Pretty Face Pot on Amazon.

#3. Pretty Print

I love that these pots are so simple and handmade looking. Black, white and copper is a really pretty combination that can go with pretty much anything.

These are great for your slightly Boho living room.

And we’ve got drainage holes and saucers here again!

You can find the Pretty Print Pots on Amazon.

#4. Textured White Pots

I completely understand the allure of going with all white pots. You never have to worry about “does this go?”.

It’s a timeless look that is never going to go out of style. You’ll never get sick of it.

But. If you like a little bit of something with your white pots, then make sure you get some with texture.

You can find these texture-ful White Pots on Amazon.

#5. Mid Century Floor Pots

I already declared a favorite, didn’t I? The Face Pot. I always do that too soon.

So, therefore, in the “Pots for the Floor” category, these mid-century standing houseplant pots are the clear winner.

These are hopping right into my Amazon cart and coming home to my house. And I’m going to need some more plants for them, too.

Yes, you can find the Mid Century Floor Pots on Amazon.

#6. Goat Pots

Everybody is a little obsessed with goats, right? They are such high spirited animals.

Besides the goat factor, what I really love about these as cute houseplant pots is that they have legs. They are raised up a little higher than they would be in a normal pot which means maybe they are getting a little more sun than they otherwise would.

You can find the Goat Pots on Amazon.

#7. Basket Plant Pot

You’ve already created some texture in you room by having a plant in it and texture is really the thing that pulls a room together.

Why not add a little more by using a textured basket instead of a pot?

You are going to obviously need to keep your plant in it’s growing pot and you’re going to want to take it out of the basket for watering, but otherwise this is a great look!

You can find the Basket Pot on Amazon.

#8. Turtle Planter

I love this turtle planter! If you don’t have pets and plants are what you have to take care of, then you could get this turtle planter and pretend it’s your pet!

Is that weird? Maybe. I don’t care. It’s adorable.

You can find the Turtle Pot on Etsy.

#9. White Teardrop Pot

I hesitated to include these gorgeous houseplant pots in this list because you can hardly describe them as “cute”.

These are some pretty chic and sophisticated houseplant pots. But they were too good not to include. So there you have it.

You can find the White Teardrop Pot on Etsy.

#10. Ombre Pots

Um, I’m going to need another category, so I’m going to go with indoor/outdoor plant pot, because they are seriously my favorites.

Three way tie for first? These are probably my real, real favorites though.

I love the colors. I love the handmade look to these. The blue and green are just perfect.

You can find these Ombre Pots on Etsy.

#11. Einstein Head Pots

Anytime you can add any amount of humor and bright color to your home, you should.

These pots are so special. These are the type of decor that when you bring this into your home, the vibe of your home will change and you’ll start bringing home more quirky stuff.

Because Albert will need some quirky friends.

You can find the Einstein Pots on Etsy.

#12. Cute Bear Pots

I don’t usually go for cutesy stuff like this, but there’s something about these little pots that just captured my attention.

I think it’s actually the texture of the pot that caught me. They look so perfectly hand made.

You can find the Bear Pots on Etsy.

#13. Pretty Bird Pot

This was the last cute houseplant pot I found and I think it’s a very special little pot.

I love how delicate and artful this is. It’s going to be a certain kind of plant that looks just right in this pot. Something sort of light as air.

You can find the Pretty Bird Pot on Etsy.

Get Yourself Some Cute Houseplant Pots

I hope you found a favorite cute houseplant pot.

Or that you found three favorite cute houseplant pots like I did.