11 Best Houseplant Accessories That Have Form & Function

There are some houseplant supplies that you really need to have on hand like pots and a watering can and soil and scissors.

But what are the best houseplant accessories?

You know those things that you might not really need but are pretty nifty and useful?

Kind of like, what a scarf is to your wardrobe. You don’t really need a scarf, but they look pretty and they do add some extra warmth while you’re sitting in your freezing cold office.

Kind of like that.

11 Best Houseplant Accessories

The best houseplant accessories are going to be the little extras you can get that will make owning plants a little more enjoyable and maybe a little easier.

They might seem a little frivolous, but it’s like getting a cute collar for your dog. Your dog needs a collar. Might as well be cute, right?

So that’s what we’re looking for in this list of the very best houseplant accessories.

#1. Hand Blown Glass Plant Waterer

best houseplant accessories

Some people are over-waterers and some people are underwaterers. If you’re worried that you will neglect your plants and not give them enough water, you might want to consider using a waterer like these.

First of all, these hand blown glass plant waterers are beautiful. Your plants are already beautiful and now you are adding even more beauty.

And you’ll have peace of mind that your plants will always have a drink. Unless you forget to refill the waterers when they are empty. That’s still on you.

You can find these colorful plant waterers on Amazon.

#2. Plant Support Totem Pole

I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words here, isn’t it?

What would you rather, a droopy houseplant or a cool sculptural houseplant that grows up this plant support totem pole?

If you say droopy, then I am sorry for you. No one really likes droopy. Unless you mean the cartoon dog Droopy. He’s pretty alright.

But when we’re talking about plants, a droopy plant is not usually what you’re looking for.

These plant support totem poles from Amazon will de-droop your plants.

#3. Owl & Bamboo Plant Stand & Pots

How cute would this be on your desk?!

This little owl and bamboo potting contraption for your succulents is just completely adorable. You love your succulents, you love owls and they all get to hang out on this stylish bamboo shelf thing?

I’m sold.

You can find the Owl & Bamboo Planter on Amazon.

#4 Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame and plants go together like peanut butter and jelly.

My mom had handmade macrame plant hangers in our house growing up and now you can, too! And you don’t even have to make them yourself.

You could, if you wanted to, but you can also just buy some super cute macrame plant hangers.

These macrame plant hangers are from Amazon.

#5 Plant Pot/Glasses Holder

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking, wait, you said at the start of this post that we weren’t going to include pots.

But this pot is special. This pot is a two-fer and I love two-fers.

This pot is for your plants AND it will hold your glasses for you. HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT THIS NOW?

Maybe not so much if you don’t have glasses, but if you do have glasses, I know you want this now.

You can find the glasses holding plant pot on Amazon.

#6 Glass Bird Self Waterer

Here’s another set of plant waterers.

These pretty clear glass waterers are perfect for when you want something pretty, but subtle. I have trouble doing subtle. I love in your face color.

But sometimes subtle is just right. I think it’s just right here.

You can find the glass plant waterers on Amazon.

#7 Cutting Vase

One of the best things about plants is you can make more plants from the plants that you already have.

It’s called propagation and it involves strategically cutting pieces off your plants.

Once you’ve done the cutting, you need a place to get those cuttings to live until they start growing some roots. A cutting vase set like this on is perfect.

You can find this Cutting Vase Set on Amazon.

#8 Planter Shelves

I like the idea of collecting all of your plants on one pretty shelf like this one.

First of all, I like that it means they are all in the same area which means they are getting about the same light. That’s a good thing if all of your plants require the same light.

It also means that you don’t have to traipse all over the house to take care of your plants.

And it’s pretty impressive to have this giant collection plants.

You can find a giant Plant Shelf like this one on Amazon.

#9 Plant Animal Decorations

This is going on my Christmas list. I think these little plant animal decorations are the best houseplant accessories of all.

They are sort of like a little treasure hunt in your plant collection.

And there are all sorts of different animal decorations to choose from.

You can find the Animal Plant Decorations on Etsy.

#10 Stamped Plant Sign

If you’re a word art lover, then these cute little plant signs might be perfect for you.

There are different phrases to choose from, but this one, “Crazy Plant Lady Club” seems suitable for pretty much any crazy plant lady.

You can find the Crazy Plant Lady Club sign on Etsy.

#11 Plant Care Cards

This is a different kind of plant sign. It’s for the less snarky among us. And it is very useful.

This plant sign is to remind you of how to care for your plants and whre they came from.

If you like giving away your plant cuttings, this is a great idea to include when you bestow the cute little plant.

You can find the Plant Care Signs on Etsy.

Which Were the Best Houseplant Accessories?

Did you have a favorite on the list?

I love the glasses holder plant pot. I think that is so clever and it would really be functional for me. Since I like to throw my glasses wherever and then they end up getting scratched.