9 Best Beginner Plant Owner Books That You Should Be Reading

First of all you just don’t want to let it die. You also then want it to thrive and grow into an amazing, vibrant life.

Second, you are obsessed with it and you just want to wrap your whole life around it. It’s not just the care and feeding you’re after. You want to be completely immersed in the developing life you are now responsible for.

Baby? No.


Not entirely the same scenario, I know, I have two children, but not really completely different either. You want to know as much as you can about this new little life form you’ve decided to commit to caring for and one place to learn is books.

The best beginner plant owner books are just for you, the beginner who is nervous and excited at the same time and mostly just really doesn’t want to kill anything at first.

What Qualifies for Best Beginner Plant Owner Books Status?

There are two things I looked for in searching for the best beginner plant owner books.

I need the book to be simple. I’m sure there are complicated plant owner things I will need to know at some point, but as a beginner, I want the easy steps to not killing my new little friends. I want from the beginning, step by step, simple, simple things.

Like how do I even know which direction my windows are facing? Where should I buy my plants (online? nursery?) and what do I do when I get them home?

I also wanted books that would help me jump feet first into this whole plant culture thing. I’m excited to care for these new little guys and I don’t just want to learn about facts, I want to learn what the house plant loving life is like.

So you’ll see some books that are more “plant lifestyle” as opposed to just “plant facts” on this list of the best beginner plant owner books.

9 Best Beginner Plant Owner Books

#1. The New Plant Parent

best beginner plant owner books

I ordered this book as soon as I read through parts of the previews. First of all, the author talks about plant mindset. Or, rather, your mindset about plants. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think plants have mindsets.

I appreciate that because I do believe mindset is always the first place to start when you are trying something new. If you’ve killed “easy” plants before then you might start to believe in the green thumb myth.

But really you may just not know enough yet about how to truly properly care for that plant, beyond what that little stick says that came with the pot you bought at the grocery store.

Of course, beyond mindset, the book goes into the details on how to care for houseplants, too including finding the right light, watering and potting practices for your plants.

#2. Plant Love

I was iffy on this book, to be honest. Amazon doesn’t have a preview of the book so I couldn’t get a feel for what was inside.

I read through the reviews and they were remarkably good. Detailed and actually helpful, which you don’t always get from a review. But I was on the fence on whether to include in the list of the best house plant books for beginners.

So I dove in a little deeper on the author, Alys Fowler, and found that she’s definitely an expert in all things plants. I also found this YouTube video and immediately felt attached to Alys and how she handles these Basil plants.

What struck me from the video was how she just pulled those plants apart. I didn’t really expect that and it’s something I would be terrified to do to my own plant, but Alys made it look simple and logical instead of destructive which I think is what I would feel while pulling plants apart.

#3. How to Houseplant

I’m very excited for this book and for one specific reason.

It tells you how to tell which direction your window faces! I know I could probably Google that, but the fact that that detail is in the book tells me that this author understands the beginner level that I’m starting at.

There are in fact 7 pages in the chapter on light. That’s important to me. I live beneath a crop of pine trees and so light is a tricky situation for me. I appreciate that level of detail on that particular topic.

I also was happy to read in the reviews that this book is more than just informative, it is actually enjoyable to read! I’m an avid reader and I do want to enjoy these house plant books as much as learn from them.

#4. Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants

One of the reasons I love the idea of houseplants is because they are multi-dimensional. I don’t like things that just have one purpose.

Houseplants first fulfill our desire to care for something. Maybe because my kids are growing up and needing me less houseplants will fill that need to nurture.

Houseplants also are good for your home. Some clean the air. Others can be eaten or, Aloe for instance is great for burns. I love that I can grow aloe and use it in my own house. Provided I get the “grow” part right.

Houseplants also are beautiful decor and that’s where this book comes in. It’s inspiration for ways to live with these beautiful creatures and how to style them.

I love that there are peeks into other people’s homes that show how they display their plants. I am a bit nosy.

#5. House Plant Journal

I did not expect to find anything like this House Plant Journal, but I am so glad that I did!

The idea is simple, you document your plants, where they came from, what they like at different times of the year and how they have grown.

Such a great idea!

This is definitely more of that “plant lifestyle” type of book and I think it definitely keeps the enthusiasm for the plants you’re caring for alive.

Seeing the progression and documentation of how you’ve nurtured this little thing is pretty cool.

#6. The Plant Parent Coloring Book

Do you really need a plant coloring book? The easy answer is no.

But let’s be honest, you do need to take five minutes a day for yourself, don’t you? And you are so into plants right now, that wouldn’t it be great to spend those five minutes letting your mind go while you color some beautiful plants?

So, yes, you might just need a plant coloring book and this one is perfect. It’s not just plants, it’s got some facts and information for you, too.

#7. The Healing Power of Plants: The Hero Houseplants That Love You Back

This book is more about what plants can do for you as opposed to what you can do for the plants.

I mentioned Aloe before and how you can use it for burns or other skin ailments and for that reason, because there is such an obvious use for Aloe, it was the very first plant I bought.

I love the idea of choosing the next plants to add to my home based on how they can actually contribute back to the house whether it’s cleaning the air, getting added to a recipe or whatever other magical things this book tells me plants can do for me.

#8. What’s Wrong with My Plant?

I know for sure that I will run into issues with plants. I imagine that’s just part of the houseplant game and actually, when I think about it like that, the houseplant starts to become a puzzle to me.

I love puzzles.

I like the idea of this book that is specifically meant to help diagnose and fix any problems that come up with your plants. This to me would be as much entertainment as it would be informative!

#9. My Life in Plants

Best Beginner Plant Owner Books

I’m a sucker for a story. And that’s what this book is.

So, be forewarned, this is not a “how to take of your plants” book.

My Life in Plants is an illustrated book of stories about plants and the authors life and how the two intermix.

I absolutely love this idea and in fact when I first told friends that I would be writing about plants, they immediately started telling me their plant stories! I did not know that plants had such stories and I’m so excited that this is going to be a part of the whole house plant lifestyle journey.

Time To Start Reading!

I’m excited to dive into some of the best beginner plant owner books so that I can learn more and also so that I can get even more excited about this houseplant adventure.

It’s kind of funny to think of houseplants as a hobby but they really are!